About Unvintage

Hello, my name is Paul. I am the only developer working on the Unvintage Game Studio.

I was working in dead end retail jobs from the age of 17. I got so annoyed and wanted more out of life. I packed in full time work and went back to college at the age of 20, went to university at 22 and graduated at the ripe age of 26 only to find that there are no jobs in the games industry! Or at least there’s far too much competition for me to get my foot in the door. And here I am with the next best thing. I became self employed and made the job I wanted.

I am a huge fan of 2D games and let’s face it some of the biggest games in history have been 2D and I’m not just talking about Mario, Zelda or Tetris. Just look at some of the bigger titles in recent years, Super Meat Boy, Braid, Castle Crashers, Angry Birds… And the list goes on.

For me 2D games capture that magical essence of what makes games awesome as a whole. Without the huge demand for graphics, 2D games could focus on raw gameplay. Super Meat Boy being a  beautiful example, you run and jump. That’s it, no super powers, no throwing fireballs for picking up flowers or anything like that. Just pure addictive platforming gameplay.

When I started programming the Unvintage Game Studio I had a clear goal in mind, power and flexibility. I first played with the idea, “wouldn’t it be cool if you could mix the different genres?”. Like being able to walk around a top-down RPG setting and then when the random battles kick in it’s actually a side on fighter like Guilty Gear. So that was the first thing I set out to do. As the features of the program improve, using the common genres will in fact give you a performance boost because of the C++ code underneath.

But what if you wanted to make something completely new which didn’t conform to the standard genres? Like a game about cooking pizzas by sling-shotting them around the sun? You also have the power to do that, in fact you could easily program your game to be some sort of comic reader.

Thank you for reading, if you wish to help out visit the contribute page and I hope you have fun making games with my software.