The Unvintage Game Studio intends to provide a high quality 2D game creation studio with a simple and easy to use interface.

Flexibility and Power

When building the Unvintage Game Engine the two goals I had in mind were Flexibility and Power. So first and foremost I turned to DirectX 11 for all the powerful graphics capabilities, to allow backwards compatability to DirectX 9 hardware, and to make sure the code is future proof.

Lua Scripting

To maintain flexibility I needed to use a scripting language and there is none better on the market than Lua. Using Lua scripting you can take control of the powerful DX11 features and dynamically modify your shaders during the rendering process.

Templated Objects

Because scripting languages add a little inneficiency, you can set up templates so that the engine automatically builds Sprites and other objects, at run time, with a single line of code.

No Restrictions

To improve on the flexibility there are no restrictions on the way you lay out your graphics data. If you want to mix static images and animation frames all jumbled up in a single bitmap, then thats perfectly fine.

Earn a Living!

Providing you own a license you can sell your game however you want. Want to burn it to disc and sell on eBay? Sure! Want to have it digitally distributed through Steam? Go ahead! And what’s even better, I’ll never ever force you to shove a splash screen on the start of your game. As long as you give credit where it’s due, everbpdy’s happy!

And towards the future!

Future plans for the software include Template Scenes which will add a lot of raw C++ power to some of the more common game types such as RPG, Platformer, RTS and Scrolling Shooters.